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We’re glad to hear that you are interested in joining the Healthy Blue network. We have a diverse network of exceptional health care professionals who ensure our members have uninterrupted access to the health care they need.


Join Healthy Blue - The process

Participation in our networks is based on member access and need. The process for joining our network may include contracting, credentialing, and enrollment. The online provider enrollment application will route your request to all the needed steps:

  • Contracting/negotiating: The process of the provider and Healthy Blue formally executing an agreement for the provider to deliver medical services that outlines reimbursement rates, scope of services, etc
  • Credentialing: The process of reviewing the qualifications and appropriateness of a provider to join the health plan's network. Credentialing requirements and processes will follow National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) guidelines and company credentialing policy
  • Loading: The process of loading a contracted and credentialed provider to all Healthy Blue internal systems, loading for claims payment, and loading to the provider directory (if applicable)

Ready to join — Next steps

To become a contracted provider or add a provider to your existing group:

  1. Update your CAQH Proview®, ensure that your:
    • Primary specialty is listed
    • Primary location is listed
    • Attestation is current
  2. Ensure that you have an active Missouri Medicaid identification number. For more information on provider enrollment, please visit the Missouri Department of Social Services .
  3. Complete the online provider enrollment application hosted on the Availity portal*. The online application automatically accesses CAQH Proview®. To learn more about or register for the Availity portal please visit our Learn About Availity page .
  4. Notification — you will be notified if:
    • A new contract is needed
    • Your specialty is not needed/allowed
    • Any further credentialing information is required
  5. Status updates: You will receive an application number upon successful completion of the provider enrollment application to assist with tracking your progress.
  6. Remember to obtain an approved prior authorization before seeing Healthy Blue members until you are participating.
  7. Keep in mind, to be considered participating, you/your provider must be loaded. The process usually takes between 60 and 90 days.

Facilities, ancillary, and health system providers

To Join Healthy Blue, please send an email and W9.

Dental providers

Healthy Blue will contract for medical procedures, but routine dental benefits are managed by Dentaquest .

Vision providers

Healthy Blue will contract for medical procedures, but routine vision benefits are managed by March Vision .

Behavioral health providers

New behavioral health practitioners/groups that are not multispecialty and existing groups that have been notified of their contract assignment to Carelon Behavioral Health, Inc.* should enroll with Carelon Behavioral Health, Inc. (formerly Beacon Health Options) at Carelon Behavioral Health .

* CAQH Proview® is an independent company proving online provider data-collection solution services on behalf of Healthy Blue.

* Carelon Behavioral Health, Inc. is an independent company providing utilization management services on behalf of the health plan. 

Provider Tools & Resources

Interested in becoming a provider in the Healthy Blue Network?

We look forward to working with you to provide quality service for our members.